year of the geeks!

I apologize if the term 'geek' offends anyone but i really could not think of another word. for this rise in the popularity of nerdy shit themed anything has gone a little crazy. I'm all for it though, i think the trend of the geeky, more squared off big glasses make most people look seriously amazing. I'm talking big bang theory, new girl's Zooey Deschanel's famous glasses, the oh-so-popular ray bans that EVERYONE wants. I recently bought some glasses in this sort of style from asos, the brand was 'Jeepers Peepers'. They weren't subscription but i wanted to see if that sort of shape glasses suited me so i could invest in a proper pair. Anyway, i'll shut up now and get on with the post. Picture heavy yo!
 1. me i found on flickr, love the glasses!
3.the tattoos and glasses are perf!
4.zooey deschanel looking hawt!
5.vanessa hudgens, as always a hippie vibe.

smartbuyglasses is having a sale on and on some of the best glasses brands there is including ray ban! as its coming near christmas i really wouldnt mind treating myself to a pair of these.

hope you liked this short and sweet post :)


  1. I love the geek glasses look! I really like your blog! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, likes and more and I am also giving away a Cambridge Satchel! :) :)

  2. Love the pictures. And I like how you do your make up, it's cool.


  3. I adore all of these photos - Happy new Year!

  4. i love those glasses! i'm actually going to get myself some in that style this month as mine are getting a bit old!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

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