thank you scotland!

pulling tartan off nedent be a challenge, its simple and jazz's up black skinnys or shorts i just think its a little bit forgotten when it comes to higher end fashion! :)
i pulled together some high street-designer pieces for how nice it really could be!

okay, theres only the topshop tartan blazer in this polyvore style image but kelly osbourne looks really good! and all the other items look amazing, i thought it would help out a little also if you were struggling with piecing together with tarten. especially the baret :D

mac also jumped on the tartan band wagon! this maybe a bit of an old campaign, but the tartan hair accessories and bows etc, really complete and outfit if you're not ready for the clothing leap its a conservative and shy approach :)

phew, glad i got that off my chest haha
hope everyones having a nice 'summer' lets hope the actual sun shoes its head soon hehe
hayley x


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