Two posts today :-)

hello again!
i was just browsing through tumblr posts and saw this beautiful girl with the source of!
i thought this girl is clearly gorgeous, but. her look, ahem, isn't that hard to achieve.
  • pair of good navy skinny's. primarni you know it.
  • nice over-sized blouse, nedent be white, can be cream, or whatever tickle's your pickle!
  • and good old Topshop heels, all high street guys! (or for you individual ladies, vintage/charity shops stock blouses all the time! and you'll never see the same one on anyone else!)

    i browse on online store's as a habbit and i love it, so finding these was a breeze!
    hope it helps, i had to post about shes gorgeous and it is a buildable/fashion-beginner's help i suppose :-)
miss selfridge-£39

some jeans from miss selfridge also (i just happened to see them on there but these jeans are so popular they're in every good retailer! :-)  -  £38

and finally. the perfection in shoe form.

these hunnys know where it's at. i own them myself and because of the strap, it's like you're not wearing heels! i love them so much and these are mariannan's actual shoes!

hope this helped, i know she inspired me :-)
here's a link to her blog -


  1. She is so beautiful! Love her style! :))

  2. great pictures ! I very like it !

    if u want ask me anything in my new post and follow me :)

  3. I love this outfit! :)

    P.s U are welcome to check out my fashion blog anytime!


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