shopping and effy inspiration!

It's nearly halloween and im excited for it just to be the autumn/winter side of the year. I got invited to a halloween night out to just have a few drinks, chill, and of corse to dress up!
And being the unconservative person i am, i chose to go as effy (skins).
her clothes usually consist of something along the grunge and baggy style but not much of it.. so i decided to go with a leather jacket, grey jumper and boots.
if only my friends didnt plan it for when ill be on holiday, and i couldnt make it, my shopping trip would of come in useful..

On the day i bought:
new makeup bag, nothing special i needed a new one:
Boots - £8
My new headband ive wanted for agesss, i'll upload photos of it on when my new camera arrives, ill make a post about that too :)
Lipsy for asos - £12.
pumps (i get terrible achy feet when shopping), they really are like slippers!
New Look - £8.

terrible picture, but my fake leather jacket from primark (for the effy inspired outfit) - £20

its actually really good quality fake leather! ^^^

This is one of my first personal posts, but you still dont know properly what i look like! I will upload some outfit/hair (face) posts to make this blog more personal..

hope you are all well,
hayley X


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