happiness hit her, like a train on a track

Over the past few weeks i have just been trying to concentrate on school and exams hence my slack blogging. i  hope to really get back in the swing of things now it's finally holiday time! :-)
Excuse that photo I haven't got any foundation on, just eye make-up. i just wanted you guys to know what i looked like :')
I found this perfect skirt from ASOS but the picture's source escapes me, sorry about that. But her sense of style is pure perfection.

Love it and I wish I had the confidence to buy/wear it!
Also, on my daily visit to Topshop ;-) I came across this gorgeous top which reminded me so much of 1920's flapper era, adore. I've asked for it for Christmas but I don't think they got the hint, haha.
loving that.
So, I bought a bag off eBay and a new top a while ago so I'll do a post with that nearer Christmas when it gets a bit more christmassy  :-)
Bye guys


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