No 7 Heated eyelash curler | review.

 well for a start it is very pretty, for me i find. i mean i think eyelash curlers are a little ugly, but i think this one is classy looking, it looks lovely on my dressing table for a start. now for the results: well it is alright. i cant say ive tried loads of eyelash curlers so i cant compare, but it does the job. Before, it was a right farce to get my mascara to not look like straight spikes from my eyes, but they do look like eyelashes now.
I paid something around £7.50 from what i can remember and the annoying voucher with 253463512 terms and conditions said i couldnt have £5 from boots. ergh. but for the ease of use;appearence;and just over all id give it a solid 9/10.


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