which one next?

so basically i feel like i have tried all the mascaras that i can in the small space of time of loving makeup. Bearing in mind i have binned about another 10, these are the ones ive held onto. Which is, ahem, quite alot...

these three must be my favourites of what ive tried.
l'oreal-volume and thickness

i figured those three have quite alot of coverage in the blogging world so ive left it to them for pictures. but the too faced mascaras dont really get any air time when it comes to it. i think the steep £16.50 for it and not alot of good press has dimmed the light on this one. But i really like the packaging and the brush so i thought it would be a nice addition to the photos. as for outcome is fairly dim. massive brush so i stab myself everytime i use it. my lashes are short and stubborn and need a precise wand. major impulse buy but im glad i did as ive found it works nicely with some natural false eyelashes on because it grabs them perfectly!
okay i'll shut up now ;)

im thinking about trying the lash accelerator as it seems perfect for stubborn lashes. i dont know, maybe some day. but watch out for a next post on clothes, purchases etc
ta ta xo


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