Oh, Bee hive!

My blog looks incredibly boring and messy with all these makeup posts but i just cant think of what else to show everyone thats interesting! But on with the post. Well i went into boots with a friend and to be absolutly honest, i there was nothing that caught my eye at all and not many things have been released makeup wise that were worth the talking about so i invested in the rather hyped 17 'Bee-Hive' lipstick. I would describe it as a nude pink but on the darker side, anywho its really nice. Second a Bourjois mascara Coup de Theatre 2 in 1 and i'll be honest the packaging caught my eye more than anything.. but i got home and had a proper look at the want and its perfect for me. After buying again and again the same Max Factor false lash effect the results seemed more and more 'samey' so this is nice new addition! Ignore my terrible humour as a title haha..


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