Boots Botanics soothing eye-makeup remover review

'All bright, removes ever waterproof makeup for all skin types. with brightening hibiscus' Well. it sounds amazing and the packaging is sweet...All for a nice affordable price of around £2.50. I'm the first to admit that i dont mind spending money on something, if i genuinly thought it was great. I dont tend to go for what everyone else is doing and that seems to be the way to go in the beauty-blogger world. And while i have found a few gems through the blogs of some lovely people i like to see what else is out there.
review: Any-who, the product. (head straight to the bottom if you want a little summary), The shaking mechanism is a bit of a pain and i always feel that if shaking is necessary, i always think i haven't shook it enough i don't know.. Once on the eyes i like leave it on there for a little while then start to push and slide it off my eyes (with a cotton pad of course) and it does do that well but when the eye make up is gone, it feels like a silicone leftover mask is still on my face, which comes off only with water not a wipe, i found that the hard way. After that (3 wipes later) it stung my tear duct. And i didn't over-drench the cotton pad either. But, i didn't think anything of it because the Simple eye makeup remover did exactly the same so no deduction points on that front, i just have really, really sensitive eyes. always have done.

The good: cheap, does the job and doesnt have a scent which i know its probably not going to sting my eyes so that appeals.
Not so good: stung my tear duct, shaking is annoying, leaves silicone feeling mask on skin pain in the arse to get off, ahem.
overall i will not be buying it again going to stick to the simple eye makeup remover instead :)

thank you for reading and i hope this was helpful!



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