car boot sale finds :)

As a kid it must of been a family thing, because i always remember having to go to car boots all the time and i guess i never fully understood the beauty of it. Literally.. i found some amazing bargains and its replenished my love for car boot sales and thinking of how amazing they were, 'back in the day' and how lucky it is to find a really good bargain nowadays. 
 Have a picture of me with some wannabe Bardot bunches.
 benefit makeup bag 50p
 Real silver eye-shadow brush, YSL quad, Clinique brow shader and Lancome Tonique Clarte lotion all for a bargain-ous....... 6 pounds. 6. QUID. i mean the pigment of those eyeshadows (pictured below) is amazing and the lady had loads of makeup to clear but i was so exited and they were all looking at me i felt pressured :P

thank you so much for reading,


  1. stunning photos and really good blog! Plus for you.. Have a nice day, lady :)


    1. thats the nicest thing ever thank you :) have a nice day x

  2. Some good finds! I love car boot sales!


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