Autumn Style to perfection.

Burberry is a gathering for beautiful people!

General persona: 
Dita Von Teese looking 50's stunning as per, her classy and stylish persona and general vibe is my thing to admire about her.  

Style: Kate Bosworth, also at Burberry, looked absolutelygorgeous in that pencil skirt, belt (that ive been lusting over for months!) and those boots. Those freakin' shoes are gorgeous, and make her legs look amazing. Everything about this outfit screams i look proper good and its nearly autumn and im warm enough. Well jelly.

Make-up and hair:
 Kelly brook, even though she always looks incredible (cow), this really is a stunning photograph. For both makeup and hair. Her makeup to start with is very simple and lashy which i love, and her hair is just a beautiful length and style, with bouncy curls, gives it a lovely 50s vibe.

I'm going to do a must have beauty products for autumn in next post! :)


  1. thats such a nice picture of kelly brook! and i love kate bosworth

    1. i know they both look incredible! :)

  2. Lovely blog.

  3. i also adore autumn. it' smy fav season. and that picture of dita is perfect!
    Stop Whispering

    1. its a lovely season :) i know shes just so fabulous! (terrible word haha) xx


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