Avene extremely gentle cleanser | review

Baring in mind that I've never tried anything from Avene before, and i'd ran out of my favorite cleanser (Soap and glory 'peaches and clean'), i believe i made a big mistake in getting a completely new brand and cleanser when i'd finally settled on a good cleanser, tailored to my skin...Oops. £8's later, here i am with my new (not very good) cleanser.
 I have quite a lot to say about this one so ill get started. So Avene claims to 'remove face and eye makeup caring for naturally sensitive skin (be it fair, thin skin, or prone to redness) and due to different aggravations like excessive cleansing drying cosmetics or dermatological treatments' etc etc. sounds good to me! (I do have fair, dry skin so very ideal). But the strange bit, Avene doesn't want you to rinse the product off, but 'tissue' it off... hmm i'm no expert but that doesn't sound very gentle. ( I use a muslin cloth). In all the stripping off of all the preservatives, fragrances etc to make it as gentle as possible as they mention, they seem to have forgotten a large part of why the product exists: to remove makeup. Now the consistency is nothing ground breaking to begin with, just runny, opaque and white. Fragrance free (of course) but it just sat on top of my makeup when i was trying to remove it, and in trying to remove all my face makeup it seemed to irritate my skin even more because it just wasnt lifting it off. I have to repeat it a couple of times to get my makeup off and still didnt have that fresh faced feeling, i felt like i still had makeup on if that makes sense.
hope this helps and thank you for reading :)



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