2013 thoughts and two door cinema club.

Hello! im aliveeeeeee.
I hope your having an amazing start to the year whatever you may be doing. I know i wanted to get cracking on all the things i wanted to do in 2013 because it was going to be a big, exciting year for me. This post is more of a personal one so bear with me. So January has dealt me some tough cards, one of them never ending-one thing after another months, even though i was pretty happy to start a new year. Because when you have a significant/hurtful thing happen to you, you tend to slow things down and think about things a little more. So basically perspective. A tough knock into perspective is never the way you want it to happen, but when it happens it feels like a relief to how you were actually acting and what you thought was truly important after spending so long in one attitude. I've come to a small but important stage where the things that are most amazing are the ones that cant be held or seen, but felt. Like laughter and being around people that make you feel amazing, even taking lots of photographs of an amazing day instead of forgetting about it altogether, i find these things more precious than them mac brushes i was really bitter about because i couldnt afford them. Or them eyelash curlers 'everyone' has but not me. I know being a 16 year old girl obsessed with what other people thought and how they perceived me, was something that needed to change. But it should be how i see myself and if i feel secure in the person i am (which, for an aspiring actress, is crazy important). Instead of focusing on that, which really got in my head. I thought every bugger that walked past me was thinking the same of the person that insulted me that time a few weeks ago. {Im writing this at 1am so if you've read this far, thank you. really.} All im trying to get to, is how i want to see life from now on. So far in 1 month (because the horrible event happened in the first week of January, it almost kick-started everything straight away.) i have almost quit smoking cigarettes, from ten a day to a ten pack a week, which i feel ALOT healthier for. My skin is better too. Took more photos and not being ashamed to whip my phone out and take a bunch, which i used to be embarrassed about for some reason? Okay. so you get the general gist of whats going on and i hope that updated you to why i haven't been blogging. i can never read while i'm reading things, so i put this song right at the end, :) Two door cinema club hit a lot of nails on the head when i'm over thinking stuff and just helps put me in a better mood. This ones called sun and its definatly been my favorite song throughout January. 


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