eye, eye! | Shu Uemura eyelash curlers

Well there's no going back. I may or may not have recently bought the most expensive pair of eyelash curlers on the planet, costing an arm and a leg amount of £20(!), but i say there is no going back because they are bloody brilliant! You're probably reaaaally sick of people yabbering on about them, believe me i was one of those people listening about these pieces of metal and getting quite pissed off. After all they are only eyelash curlers. But seriously now, i feel so confident when i use these and really good curled lashes made me look instantly more awake and bright. I personally love the lashy look with full coverage foundation to match. But these cater for every look you want to achieve, even if you dont wear makeup they make you look really gorgeous. On with the pictures, i couldnt manually get it to focus on my eyelashes and not my actual eye but you get the idea and i hope this was somewhat useful if you thinking of buying them. (what are you waiting for go now!)

The harvey Nichols bag is so classy. 

Bare eye (ergh).
after a good squeeze, still getting used to them so the second picture is my second attempt.
 Finished with a crappy bourjois mascara but the effect is really nice :)

thank you very much for reading! :D
hayley x


  1. That mascara really makes your eyes look 60s! Love the effect!

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

    1. bourjois mascaras tend to actually! thank you :)


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