● Crazy cat lady ●

What goes better together in a post than a lipstick and a cat? Let's make it a thing people. He's called Bob/Bobby/Shitbrick.. but mainly Bob, show him some love.
 I'm thinking about uploading some drawings on here too. For a chance to make this blog into something less generic and more of a portfolio of things i love. But for now, i made a little collection of images of a lipproduct ive been liking. Ooo, artsy fartsy.
It is the Collection Creme Puff lip matte lip colour i think cotton candy is the shade? Meh, I don't know but i really like the consistency and the colour is sick too.  I have the pale one too but i much prefer something richer most days. Looking at these photos i reeeally need to get a tan. But I may have bought a St.Tropez fake tan which i will update you on, holla.

Seriously though, it'll take me some time to figure out what I am really even doing with this blog, I will be trying some different stuff in each post, little bit of this, little of that. Should be interesting so watch this space.

Exciting stuff, thank you for reading hehe, G'bye.  


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