á la Kim Kardashian

Aside from looking through makeup trends and what the newest releases are based around cosmetics, which i love, my second favorite thing to do is look at my style inspirations.  I have accumulated quite a few people that i look up to in the style world, im a big, big fan of Kimmy K's, Vanessa Hudgens, and just those randomer's you come across on Instagram and Tumblr. But for the most part it is Kim that i look for unofficial fashion advice, she is hyped up for a reason, she seriously knows how to dress.
There are obviously countless outfits of hers that i would love to upload on here, but i picked up a pair of joggers in the Topshop January sales that were so similar in style and material i had to share. Oh and they went down in price from £30 to £7.Tehe.

I believe that the joggers
Kim is wearing are by Kanye West. I love what she has paired them with like the t shirt with the
graphic print and the simple pumps.

And this way is gorgeous too, i personally prefer the white blouse and shoes with these outfits. Mercy (her kitten) was so adorable. I think the shoes that she is wearing are by none other than Mr. Kanye West. I think they are so original but classy. Love them. Must be nice to have a fiance that has such good style, so raw. Better close up of the blouse (and the kitty hehe) below.

These are the pair that i bought, amazingly similar but much cheaper, no need to worry about the quality because it is Topshop.. They are like a silky material and feel soooo soft, all that is different is the drawstring as these don't have one.

I hope you found this somewhat interesting, or inspiring follow my Pinterest it has alot of my current loves and inspirations (fashion and make-up). Thank you for reading! xx


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