I hope I am not alone in that I get very inspired by sales. In any department, but yesterday it was beauty and i got some real steals. I wanted to share because Tk Maxx isn't really given a lot of air time in terms of blogs and YouTube and that, and to be honest, it really should. Near enough every time I go in i find something massively discounted and brand spankers! (New) So, naturally, i bought a few bits.

Just to let you know of something i picked up but put back because it wasn't my kind of scent. I was literally just going to buy it because it was so cheap; and that was a this works candle, full size, in lavender and roman camomile for a grand total of £7. And there was much, much more where that came from, sales racks all over! If that sounds like your thing, in short, get yourself to Tk Maxx! On with what i bought.
Charles Worthington moisture seal intense rescue melting balm - £11.33 on sale from £16.99 at Boots.
 I am really excited to try this, probably the cheapest lash enhacer i've seen. If any body has tried this let me know how it was it looks great. I will be doing a review of this but it may take a while? waiting for results on my eyelashes and everything.
 Ciate nail 'Foil' sets and these were on sale because it wasn't the full set but for full size ciate nail polishes in awesome colours the bow is missing but im not fussed at all about that. The colours are pepperminty and cream soda. Originally those sets are £18 and for a pound each, I don't think its bad at all.
 I will do posts on all of these things, swatches, reviews and what have you. Yes I am a cheapskate, holla but who isnt?!
 Alrighty, thank you for reading byeee.



  1. I love the look of the ciate nail foils! what a bargain! :)

    Rose xo


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