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I may or may not have just plucked my eyebrows which might of caused my eyes to water like crazy, so if there is some pathetic spelling or things not making sense going on, it will probably be keeping up my brow game that is responsible. Anyway, I wanted to write about a few random products worth a mention but realized while I was writing notes on them of how good they are to include in this post, that they won't be going anywhere in my makeup/beauty routine. So I figured a well earned shout-out was in order, they are all so good. 

First things first I think the beginning of 2014 has been a bit of a lull with makeup nothing really sparking any interest.. But toward the end of summer and beginning of Autumn, Kylie Jenner's makeup has had a fresh take on makeup channeling 90s lips and fresh, youthful skin. So I have been majorly inspired by her recently (I was even contemplating getting my hair cut short and dyed darker because it looked so good on her!). Her make-up recently has been the main reason for 2 of the purchases made in the past few months which were Mac's 'Spiked' eyebrow pencil and 'Velvet Teddy' Lipstick. I'll start with the eyebrow pencil; small, precise nib to mimic hairs and a perfect colour match in between my eyebrows and hair. I few drawbacks though- the twist up part at the top sometimes works and sometimes doesn't which is really strange, to say it is quite expensive I would of thought the mechanism would of been the basics of the product, but it really doesn't matter because it works for me. Velvet Teddy is a gorgeous shade of pinky-taupey-brown and it is (I believe) the lipstick Kylie wears, it goes perfectly with any makeup and makes your lips look really nice and full.

~Excuse the messy products; proof that they are well loved!~
-Spiked and Velvet Teddy-
 L'oreal True Match Foundation had to be in my post because it seriously feels so high end on the skin, lasts really well on the skin for a good 7 hours without touch ups on my combination skin, colour is a good match, finish is satin/matte but comfortable, medium/full coverage and it is only £9.99! This foundation seems to transfer from my skin it just seems to sit on top of my face and not really blend into the skin, say like double wear. Say if i blow my nose, most of the foundation comes off onto the tissue, but this happens to me with every foundation I've ever tried, so it might be my skin.

Not really too much to say about the next two products but they are nail varnishes which are - Essie wicked, a classic, deep, burgundy red and Ciate Cream Soda, a pale shade of grey and both have a 2 coats for perfection finish, I love them both and have found myself subconsciously alternating between the two.

Lastly, it has to be the Laura Mercier Hand Cream in the Creme Brulee flavor, smells incredible, only need a tiny amount for really deep nourishment on the hands mine feel super soft and i have been writing/typing/cooking, not greasy or filmy in any way, the smell of the hand cream lasts for ages after applying it too, super impressed with this product, i have never thought i needed to use a hand cream so never did, but this product has made me a convert!

                                                         What are you loving going into autumn?


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