COWSHED soothing moisturizer | review

First of all, this is going to be a rave review *spoiler*I really, really, like this moisturizer. 

My skin type is combination, but for the most part it is extremely dry, with the odd oily patch but nothing major, the areas that require moisture are around my mouth and nose and my cheek area. But, I put moisturizer all over my face, so i require it to quench my dry skin while keeping my oily areas supple and not greasy (not much to ask I know). This cream ticks all the boxes and more. As someone who never using a night cream just my daily cream at night before bed, this would a good place for this moisturizer to slot in, but it doesn't just stop at a good night cream. I usually go to bed with nice plump skin after my bedtime skin routine but as soon as morning comes around, it's in a right state again. 

I put one layer on of this cream before bed after removing my makeup and when i woke up my skin felt so smooth and flake free, which hasn't happened in a long time, so i knew it was this creams doing. I also tried its makeup base ability by applying a layer before my makeup, it sank in almost instantly so i could get on with applying my makeup (I haven't got the time to wait for moisturizer to sink in when i'm working), after a day in the sun and cleaning in the house, my skin has stayed exactly the same as when i applied it at half 10 this morning. 

Really struggling to fault this moisturizer as it really pulls the rug underneath any other moisturizers I've tried. To round it up, this is a great option for combination skin wanting nourishment that isn't greasy or thick, it does have a scent but I don't think it's offensive which is a plus for me. The only thing that lets it down for me is its availability and price, these were samples so it isn't that bad but a full tube is £16 I believe (but oh so worth it). I would probably rate it a 9.5/10.

Consistency wise it really is your bog standard white cream not too thick, not runny or greasy. Is it strange that i like the packaging too? I  usually use a Simple face cream and while the product is good the packaging is really boring, so with the Cowshed i feel like i'm using something in quite sleek packaging. I won't bore the box off of you and carry on raving about it, but I know where I'll be spending my pennies for a moisturizer.

Hope this has helped!


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