New pretty things

Don't get me wrong I love blogging, but there is nothing more infuriating than forgetting to include something in a photo and you only remember when you've finished and start writing a post. A+ for effort Hayley. I forgot to include Mac's lipstick in Spirit, *drools*, which I bought recently it's gorgeous.
That aside, I've thoroughly missed blogging but, (I hate to be that guy) I have been extremely busy hence being a bit of the scene recently.

I've bought some things that i couldn't not share. My favorite brown Topshop bag that I've had for years died a noble death recently which meant i had to get a new bag. I did my fair share of looking before buying, (i'm really picky with handbags) but i found perfection in bag form in my Zara black suede and leather bag. I'm so protective and maternal over it, it's bordering on being sad.. Partly because i know I'm quite clumsy and rough why my things, I'm trying to be extra careful. 
~Details of the vintage bra, so pretty; love the button and bow details
I also got a vintage bra from a vintage shop in Blackpool, too pretty to pass up, even just to drape for decoration in my bedroom, it was pretty inexpensive at £1.95 so it was a must. 
Some makeup-y bits must make an appearance as i cant stop buying cosmetics... I bought A House of Lashes 3 pack in siren and got a free Collection Nude palette in Boots 3 for 2 offer, heard good things about this palette so im looking forward to using it.
 Lastly my gypsy-esque shoes from New Look which i adore, i love the gold detail on the heel they look alot more expensive than they were, all for that!

Hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend, reading this post has obviously made it the best ;)


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